Plan Your Wedding

Outlined below are some of the decisions and responsibilities each couple (and their families) encounter in the build-up to the Wedding Day. A rule of thumb is don't put off or leave until the list minute. The last thing you want is to have to worry about the various arrangements as the day nears. Please remember for Roman Catholic Weddings new regulations require at least 3 months notice to your local priest prior to proposed marriage date. Plan well ahead, if possible, and enjoy your big day.

    First Duties

  • Visit the priest or minister and set the date.
  • Select reception location
  • Choose bridesmaids, best man and ushers.
  • Compile a guest list
  • Organise all the wedding clothes

    3 Months Ahead

  • Order your wedding cake
  • Buy weddings rings
  • Confirm all service details with your priest or minister
  • Confirm reception details to Hotel
  • Buy the presents for your attendants
  • Organise all wedding flowers

    1 Month Ahead

  • Give final number of guests to hotel
  • Buy cake boxes for those unable to attend
  • Book final appointment at Hairdresser
  • Check on progress of all wedding clothes
  • Prepare a newspaper announcement of your wedding, if require

    6 Months Ahead

  • Book the honeymoon
  • Book wedding cars
  • Book photography/video company
  • Have fittings for your dress and those for bridesmaids
  • Shop for going away clothes, lingerie, etc

    2 Months Ahead

  • Buy enough postage stamps for invitations and thank you cards
  • Post wedding invitations
  • Make a list of acceptances and refusals as they come in
  • Send thank-you cards for wedding presents as they arrive

    Final Week

  • Have a rehearsal of wedding ceremony
  • Make final checks on catering, cake transport flowers and photography
  • Cheek all your wedding clothes
  • Arrange to have going away clothes and suitcases taken to reception venue
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